Terzo Tempo – Inevitable Loss

Terzo Tempo – Inevitable Loss
February 19, 2018 16:00
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Inter played Genoa away from home in what was an absolute embarrassment in so many different aspects of the game. One thing that should be noted is that the first goal was nobody’s fault and it was only a moment of horrendous luck. That goal wasn’t the main issue, the issue that made this game a loss was the starting eleven. The starting eleven was lacking three of Inter’s, arguably, best players and it was inevitable that Inter was going to fall to Genoa for that sole reason. Between Icardi and Perisic, they have a combined 60% of Inter’s goals and unfortunately Eder isn’t enough to cover up for that.

The back line with Ranocchia and Skriniar in the middle just didn’t seem to work Ranocchia looked very uncomfortable which put a lot of pressure on Skriniar and no matter how gifted he is he can’t cover the entire center of the the backline which is why him and Miranda is such a dominating partner ship. Cancelo on that right hand side was very solid going forward but the problem is that defending wise, Laxalt completely dismantled him on that side every single time. D’Ambrosio on the left with Candreva in front is just a very basic, one trick pony, always the same thing and it’s just so generic that teams that are definitely solid like Genoa catch on so quickly and that left hand side just become useless by the end of the first half.

Upfront, Candreva is just not in form and needs to be left out of the eleven he just doesn’t contribute like he used to. That midfield needs to line up with Persic wide left Karamoh on the right which would provoke a lot of creativity out wide. In the middle of both of them, it has to be Rafinha, nobody else can play the ball in the middle of the field to take on those players and create space for himself. The biggest issue is that Inter always makes one pass to many and that causes them to put themselves in a poor position which leads to just whipping a poor cross into the box.

Lastly, this team cannot win until Icardi comes back from his supposed injury, Icardi will bring so much to the team with his movement off the ball which would open up space because he would drag the two central defenders with him which he could then lay off to Rafinha who could put the ball into the wholes exploited by Karamoh and Perisic.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco