Luciano Spalletti: “We Deserved To Win, The Support From The Fans Was Incredible”

Luciano Spalletti: “We Deserved To Win, The Support From The Fans Was Incredible”
February 25, 2018 10:30
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In the aftermath of tonight’s game between and Inter and Benevento, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti discussed different things when talking to RAI Sport, starting with a brief summary of the game: “Currently we are in a very difficult situation, according to me we suffered a lot during the entire game, not only during the first 60 minutes. For us this was a difficult game, in the first half we tried to put pressure on Benevento, in the second half we managed to create some problems for our opponents.”

Spalletti was impressed by Benevento stating that: “They made us lose energy, but most of all there were 2-3 times in the match where we risked a lot where we overdid things. At the moment we are not capable of not doing that.

“I am responsible and the first to critisize myself. We always ty to improve, but this game we won fairly easily. Of course the club monitors the team, the results and me and they have the final say whether or not to fire me. As everybody could see, we had a game with few challenges. I think that we needed to play the kind of game we did at the beginning, launching the ball high, then we tried to esstablish a good offensive game, otherwise the fans will start to show their disappointment. Anyway, I think that we deserved the win” the former Roma coach continued.

“We have the right physicality in the box, therefore it is an advantage for us having the corner kick. We orchestrated a prefect corner.”

“This is something we have already dealt with. We have to guide our players in the best way possible. Players that are on an excellent level from the start of the season until now. For the rest, our administrator Antonello already had his say and I can only agree with him.”

In conclusion Spalletti commented briefly on the upcoming derby and the importance of the fans stating that: “Milan is on a good run now and they come to this derby more relaxed, but why should not we be relaxed as well? Also today the crowd was involved in cheering us and giving us support, in an incredible way.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson