Inter best against the best teams

Inter best against the best teams
March 11, 2018 14:11
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Inter is best against the best teams, this according to statistics presented by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera who thereby focuses on the capacity of Inter coach Luciano Spalletti’s team. A team that has never lost against one of the big teams:

“The Inter of contradictions lives of one certainty: It is the only of the first seven teams in the standings that have never lost  a “scontro diretto” (a game against one of the top seven teams). This is a sign of a  great Inter, an Inter that never folds in the big matches. Instead the team knows how to interpret an important game and the game ahead of us tonight, against Napoli in front of 60 000 spectators at the Stadio San Siro, is a game that can decide the season for both of the teams involved. The team that makes mistakes tonight will pay dearly, but again, Inter is unbeaten against the big ones. In a top-game standing, Napoli is at the top with 16 points in 8 games, but Sarri’s team has been beaten by both Juventus and Roma. Inter is at 2nd place with 13 points but one game less played, exactly like Juventus. But the Turin team has been beaten by Lazio and Sampdoria, Inter has never lost. Spalletti has said that “under pressure, the players take more responsibility and know what it takes to deliver at this level” and added before the derby that “In these kind of matches, the team knows how to stand up to danger and  has more courage”. Aynway, this is a character test for both teams, for Inter it is to stand without alternatives, for Napoli to withstand the pressure of Juventus”.

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson