Sconcerti says Napoli will take this

Sconcerti says Napoli will take this
March 11, 2018 15:41
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Mario Sconcerti’s predictions for tonights important game between Inter and Napoli says Napoli will take this. But in an article in Corriere della Sera, Sconcerti praises Spalletti: “He is one of the coaches that often puts Maurizio Sarri in difficulty. Ususally one of the taller players gets to mark Callejon, this will keep Callejon away from where the action is. But of course there is a risk, as soon as you forget about Callejon you, all of a sudden, find him in front of the goal. That being said, I think that Inter will try to go for the win, then they will try to close it”.

“The team is powerful enough to perform brilliantly but in this case Inter is inferior to the opponent, an opponent who (besides a draw against Chievo) always have won away from home. With the Lazio loss last Saturday Inter are back in the race for UCL, but the team still has not found its type of play and I think it will be hard to find it. Now the time of construction has passed, now is the time to fight and gain points wherever you can. Tonight Napoli will win, or the team from Campania has lost everything”.

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson