Spalletti vs Sarri, clash of the ’59 class

Spalletti vs Sarri, clash of the ’59 class
March 11, 2018 11:29
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Tonights game between Inter and Napoli also means the confrontation of two coaches, both born 1959. Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport outlines the numbers: “Spalletti’s and Sarri’s roads have crossed four times in the Serie A since 2016. Tonight we will see the 5th face-to-face. Two victories for Spalletti, Roma-Napoli 1-0 in April 2016 and Napoli-Roma 1-3 in October the same year. One win for Sarri, Roma-Napoli 1-2 in March 2017. There is one draw, the one from this season when Inter and Napoli drew 0-0 in Naples. Therefore the numbers are on Spalletti’s side. But the numbers turn, the sharp advantage for Spalletti in the first encounters has changed to Sarri’s side, as if Sarri has understood the way Spalletti intefere with Napoli’s way of moving the ball. Tonight we have another challenge between the two of them with another spicy addition: both of them have to win in order to still having the possibility to reach this season’s objective. All-in-all we can look forward to a great match.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson