Rafinha: “Good game from everyone”

Rafinha: “Good game from everyone”
March 12, 2018 02:00
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“Tonight we all played well, the entire team together against a really hard and complicated opponent. We moved the ball around really well. For me, at a physical level I feel better and better for each day that passes and I want to work even harder in order to help Inter out in the best possible way. I can not say that I am always happy because I always want to do better.”

This is the analysis of Rafinha to Inter TV, immediately after the final whistle of the game between Inter and Napoli, a game that finished 0-0.

“Our objective is to qualify to the UCL. I believe in this group  and we will fight until the end in order to make our fans happy – says the Brazilian.

“Few shots on goal? That is true, tonight we did not create many opportunities, but it was not easy although we got more space during the second half. That is when people can see our true quality. The difference between Italy and Spain? In Italy the football is more physical, you have more time in La Liga. Now we turn our heads and focus to the game against Sampdoria in order to show everyone what kind of team we are.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson