Terzo Tempo – Instability In The Final Third

Terzo Tempo – Instability In The Final Third
April 8, 2018 19:30
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Today Inter played Torino away in what was probably the most controversial game of the season with regards to each team receiving the correct result in regards to their respective performances. Inter lost to Torino at home for the first time in 24 years in what was a completely undeserved loss. Inter did every single thing right much like in the mid week game but only lacked the ability to finish. These circumstances come down to only two possibilities, either Inter just didn’t play well enough to create clear cut chances or the Torino back line and Sirigu had a phenomenal game. In this specific game, Sirigu and the Torino back line played such a strong defensive game because all three of our attacking players were able to create clear cut chances that on any other day would have been converted.

The problem with the Inter back line today was the wing backs and the whole movement that led up to the goal, which can also partly be put on the defensive midfielders. Torino’s goal came off of a counter attack on the right side of the field which in these instances completely eliminates the right back because of how high he is up the field which is logical. In these situations it’s up to one of the defensive midfielders to fully absorb the role of the eliminated right back until he can get back. Instead both, Gagliardini and Brozovic are caught ball watching which left Ljalic with only a tap in. On the other side, D’Ambrosio needs to become more comfortable with putting quality balls in with his left foot or Inter needs to play Dalbert or Santon. D’Ambrosio cannot offer that offensive support as well as Cancelo which is why the right side is so heavily used compared to the left. A confident natural left back will balance this team and it will be noticeable the quicker Inter can understand this.

On top, Borja Valero did well for his capabilities but he doesn’t have that consistent creative intuition and ability to carry that Rafinha has and in that attacking midfielder role you absolutely need that creativity to be on a constant flow. Icardi, Perisic and Candreva created so many spaces and opportunity but it just seemed like they were all so tight and nervous to mess up that whenever they came close they just couldn’t complete their opportunity.

In conclusion, there was a lot of positive that can be retracted from todays game but unfortunately what stood out the most was probably their only tactical error and the lack of focus in the final third. Unfortunately, this was enough to cause Inter what would should have been an easy three points, a slight hiccup on their way to a Champions League spot finish in the top four of the table.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco