Inter Surge Up The Richest Clubs List In Europe

Inter Surge Up The Richest Clubs List In Europe
May 23, 2018 21:30
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Gazzetta dello Sport reports on the data of KPMG’s study on European Clubs, underlining the growth of Napoli, which has become the Club of the second highest value in Italy, behind the usual Juventus but surpassing Roma, Inter and Milan, with a value of 518 million euros in 17th of the overall standings. Manchester United continue to lead at 3,255 million, with only one Italian Club within the top ten. Juventus have been able to create a big economic gap between themselves and the rest of Italy. The Bianconeri are ninth in Europe, worth 1.3 billion (1,302 million to be precise), that is almost three times as much as the next biggest in Italy, Napoli (518), followed by Milan (514), Inter (491), Roma (455) and Lazio (241) being the last of the Italians in the 32 Club ranking by KPMG.

The value used in order to draw up the rankings is the so-called enterprise value. For example, the sum of contributions of the shareholders in capital gain and debit balance. An increase for Napoli, whose valuation has grown by 27%, were from the profits of 2016-17 after the sale of Gonzalo Higuain. The KPMG study, is based on the economic data of last season. De Laurentiis’ company gained 101 million in pre-tax profits: with only Leicester in Europe doing better (108). On the other hand,  Milan saw a minus 70 on the latest income statement, a huge deterioration in comparison to the season before (-6%).

Roma is stable. Whereas, Inter have increase by 14% thanks to a boom in commercial revenue, thanks to Suning. The new sponsors have been the biggest contributing factor.

Meanwhile, Juventus continue to march up, now the Agnelli Club is worth 7% more, thanks to success in 2016-17, characterised by the money gain from the Champions League and sale of Paul Pogba.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia