Inter Include Buy-Back Clauses In All Of The Departing Primavera Players Contracts

Inter Include Buy-Back Clauses In All Of The Departing Primavera Players Contracts
June 13, 2018 23:00
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In order to keep their big names, Inter has decided, to sacrifice their Primavera players, who in the last two seasons have achieved great results and won many trophies, to settle the accounts and meet UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules Rome-based Corriere dello Sport report.

According to the report however, at the same time, Inter do not want to lose out on players who could become important in the future, partly because some of the talents who will pack their bags this summer, meet the homegrown players requirement set out by UEFA to participate in the European cups, as they are products of the Nerazzurri youth sector. Therefore the Nerazzurri will include buy-back clauses in all of the departing players contracts.

One particular reason for this is that for this upcoming season UEFA has reduced Inter’s squad list to 21-22 players which carries a certain weight but when it returns to normal and Inter are allowed 25 players to choose from, this will have a different value.

Corriere dello Sport underlines this, which highlights Suning’s strategy: to sell players from the Primavera for pure capital to hold onto players from the senior team, while at the same time, ensuring the chance to bring players back who may prove themselves at the top.

Without forgetting that the team that won the Triplete was forged thanks to the sales of Bonucci, Bolzoni, Meggiorini and Acquafresca. “It was their departure that facilitated the purchases of Diego Milito and Thiago Motta”, as explained by Corriere dello Sport.

In more recent times it was the sacrifice of Caprari that allowed Inter to get Skriniar without harming the budget.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia