Ex Inter Director Paolillo: “FFP Is Not Perfect & Does Not Allow Non-Wealthy Clubs To Grow”

June 14, 2018 15:45
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Former Inter director and one of the founders of Financial Fair Play Ernesto Paolillo has admitted to knowing Financial Fair Play as is, is not the perfect system.

“The Financial Fair Play system is not perfect and it does need corrections. Today, as it is structured, Financial Fair Play leaves the already wealthy, wealthy and does not allow the other clubs to grow,” he said in an interview with Telelombardia.

Paolillo carried on by discussing the further downfalls of the system which include stopping those who want to seriously invest in clubs doing so with ease.

“There are those who want to seriously invest like the Chinese who have in Inter who will not be inclined to do so in these conditions because they will find themselves having to carry the weight of the past without the possibility to amortise signings in a medium to long term. It is counter productive and a mistake to have this kind of system in football.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson