Review The 2017/2018 Season: Overall Impression Of The Season Review The 2017/2018 Season: Overall Impression Of The Season
June 22, 2018 13:00
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As Inter’s fantastic season comes to an end, the staff takes a look at the year which ended recently. So far we have looked at who the staff think has been the best player of the seasonthe worst player of the season, best signing of last season, the worst signing of last season and the best moment of last season. Now we turn to the staff’s overall impression of last season.

Rahul Sharma

“Great work by Spalletti, sold us a dream at the beginning and delivered.”

Cammy Anderson
“I’m happy with the way that the season panned out. The first half of the season was absolutely outstanding and although we went on to hit a rough patch, we managed to achieve our goal of returning to the Champions League in the end so I don’t think I can complain too much.”
Luca Corchia
“Spalletti has laid the foundations of a strong squad but there is evidently still much work to be done.”
Claudio Cauteruccio
“Expectations were met.”

Michael Molella

“Good, but could have been better.”
Luca Prisciandaro
“A successful season overall. We set out to reach the Champions League, and reach it we did. The black-out at the start of 2018 was a worry, but it was good to see Spalletti and the team recover.”
Andrew Di Franco
“Probably one of the scariest seasons I’ve watched in a long time in regard to how tight it was all season long.”
Olof Svensson
“The objective was reached, so all in all a good season. But I am both curious and worried about what happened during the slump in mid-season.”
Tin Milekic
“Out of tune rollercoaster.”
Suneet Bajaj
“Year zero is finally over.”
Will Beckman
“A quintessential Pazza Inter campaign. A quick look at our final two games of the season – a defeat at home to Sassuolo followed by a victory away to Lazio – is enough to ratify that. Ultimately though the only thing that matters is that Inter are back in the Champions League after six years of exile. Everything else is a secondary issue. 7/10 for the campaign as a whole and a 9 for Luciano Spalletti, without whom I doubt a top four finish would have been at all possible.”

Mario Gagliano

“The season was a success. We started off strong and showed we meant business. Unfortunately we made the season way more complicated than it needed to be but we reached the our goal of qualifying for the Champions League. We lacked a leader in Icardi albeit his goals scored, his on the field presence needs to improve if he wants to take this team to the next level. We were in first place until we loaned out Nagatomo.”

Daniele Etefia
“Very good season in general. The season’s objective was achieved. The overall displays was tremendous to an extent, defensively solid too. The best Nerazzurri team in 7 years.”
Mitchell Hayward
“This was a very successful season in my opinion. Spalletti had to work with a squad that is simply not as good as the teams above us, next to no backup (Éder being our best option) and he had to get the team to bounce back from a poor patch after Christmas. Our target was a UEFA Champions League spot and we got it, we’re back where we belong so now the goal is to stay there!”
Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
“Quite a topsy turvy season that ended really well in the end. Overall it is impossible to say anything else other than that this past season is a success. Inter manage to build a stable defence whilst avoiding defeats which suggest some stability. Great first season by Spalletti.”
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Mario Gagliano
By Mario Gagliano

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