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Joao Mario to IC: “Now we want to beat Roma”

After today’s win against Bologna, Joao Mario spoke with Inter Channel: “I’m very happy for Gabigol, it’s a really important goal for him, but also

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Pioli in press conference: “Technical purity? We still have a lot of work to do. Joao Mario did well today

In the post match press conference Stefano Pioli analysed today’s game against Bologna: Today you struggled a bit, D’Ambrosio was close to Verdi. Was that

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banega 12

TS: Banega from start and Eder a substitute

Tuttosport also tries to predict the formation of Inter against Bologna: “In defence, everything points to Pioli starting with Medel and Miranda, although they risk

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CdS: Pioli has to reinvent his midfield, here are his options

Due to players risking suspension, players being suspended and players being injured, Stefano Pioli has to find a new model for his midfield against Bologna.

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GdS: Gagliardini, now Inter needs him to score

The last part of the season is coming up and now goals from the midfielders become even more important. Besides Perisic and Candreva, Stefano Piolo

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CdS: Thohir, Suning and the new stadium: There is still a valid idea

After DC United’s stadium, now it’s time for Inter and San Siro. This is what Erick Thohir wants, at least according to his social media

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GdS: Pioli confirms 3-4-2-1, three players fight for two spots

Stefano Pioli doesn’t abandon the three-man defence, even if both Medel and Miranda will get suspended after the next yellow card – this according to

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TS: Sampdoria tries to lock down Schick, will cost 40 million

According to Tuttosport, Sampdoria will not give up Patrik Schick that easily. In the next couple of days, Sampdoria management will meet with the players

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GdS: Zhang and Thohir will be at San Siro for the game against Roma

On Sunday the 26th there is another big match for Inter. This time the opponent is Roma and the game is crucial for Inter’s fight

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Perisic 2

CdS: The wings are regenerated, this is the difference between Pioli and De Boer

The work of Stefano Pioli has been more than successful and the major reason for that is the offensive wings. Corriere dello Sport explains why:

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GdS: Unknown midfield, could we see a 3-4-2-1 with Medel and Gagliardini?

Kondogbia is suspended, Medel will be after the next yellow card, Brozovic is injured and Banega just recently recovered from a knee injury. How will

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Don Ausilio 9

CdS: Suning will prioritize Serie A players. From Manolas to Bernardeschi, these are the players being followed.

According to the experts, Inter will have a market at the highest level this summer. For quite some time now, Inter have been working on

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Kondogbia: Now there is enthusiasm around him. Thanks everyone on social media after birthday wishes.

With a post on Instagram, Geoffrey Kondgobia wanted to thank everyone for their greetings on his 24th birthday. Among them was a lot of nerazzurri

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Marchetti from TM: “Pioli can relax, Simeone and Conte are speculations from the media”

In his editorial for, Sky journalist Luca Marchetti, expert on the transfer market, gives his predictions on who will be on Inter’s bench next

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Calciomercato: Nothing new about Andreolli’s renewal, but the player wants to stay

According to, there is still no proposition from Inter in order to renew the contract (expiring June 30th) of Marco Andreolli. The defender is free

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james 2

James: “Real Madrid is a great team, I want to stay”

In a mixed zone interview after the victory against Napoli, James Rodriguez immediately shot down any rumours of him leaving the Spanish side during this

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CdS: Henrichs and Rodriguez in pole for the full back positions

Also Corriere dello Sport reports of Inter’s desire to renew their full backs. The names on top of that list is Benjamin Henrichs of Bayer

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TS: One of Suning’s biggest dreams is to bring Alaba

Today’s edition of Tuttosport focuses on Inter’s coming Summer transfer market, and in particular on the defensive externals: “To the right, besides the usual suspects

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GdS: Will BatmHandanovic be enough for the UCL?

Inter has the third best defence in the league with 24 goals conceded, behind only Juventus (16) and Roma (21). This is another Pioli effect,

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Schick 2

TS: Inter after Schick?

Patrik Schick is today where Mauro Icardi was a couple of years ago, and Inter could repeat the operation that brought Mauro Icardi from Sampdoria

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