Sneijder’s Return!

Sneijder’s Return!-->
April 16, 2012 06:11
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“I’m fine.”  Wes is ready for the grand finale.

The Dutch could return for the next round in Serie A.

Milan – He’s been out since March 13 but Wesley Sneijder is ready to return: tomorrow afternoon with his teammates at Pinetina, he will practice with the group in order to find a common style of play that fits everyone.  And in the next round in Serie A, another Wes era is ready to be reopen.

I’m ready Tomorrow, unless there are last-minute obstacles, will be the very first training session for Sneijder under Stramaccioni.  The Dutch was injured on the night Inter had the meaningless win over Marseille.  Recall that he was replaced with Obi just 14 minutes in the second half.  That 2-1 victory sanctioned the exit of Inter and it was another stop for Wes who has had repeated muscular troubles throughout the entire season.  But he is ready to return.  “I’m fine and I’m ready,” he confided to close friends.  Wes is ready to return for the grand final sprint.

Sneijder has only scored twice this season: against Milan (Super Cup) and Atalanta.

Everything on the… right Sneijder’s year did not start well: on August 27, he suffered a right knee injury and then some muscle discomfort on the same leg when the season had already started.  Afterwards, the first significant K.O.: on September 23, Sneijder suffered a strained adductor of the right leg which stopped him until a new injury on November 19 for a strained rectus femoris of the same leg.  Then again the same injury on March 13, the one that has kept him out of action until tomorrow where he will train again in group and could perhaps play on Saturday.

Bench? Not surprisingly, in a recent interview to the magazine “Esquire”, Sneijder revealed: “I’m not young anymore, my body makes it harder to recover from injuries than before.  It seems absurd but it is what it is.”  Meanwhile, Inter medical staff and Stramaccioni will continue to study his return.  There are rumors that he could be rested for April 25 (against Fiorentina) to prevent relapse but certainly Sneijder will do everything to prove that he is ready now.  At least for a spot of the bench and a few minutes against Udinese.

4-3-3 still with Deki So, as we are waiting for Sneijder’s return, Stramaccioni will continue to insist on using the 4-3-3, the formation that has rekindled hopes for the third spot.  Thanks to the postponement of the game against Udinese, the youngest coach in Serie A will have Stankovic again.  The Serbian midfielder was incredibly fatigued after the game against Siena.  Dejan Stankovic is the key man for Strama who has handed him the key to his new Inter and alongside with Deki, there should be Cambiasso and one of Obi, Guarin or Poli.  Another doubt is in the attack, Alvarez was doubtful last Saturday because it would be dangerous to ask Alvarez to play two games as starter in three days after being out two months.  But after the postponement, he is back as a strong candidate to start again.

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