Forlan, Last Chance To Avoid Flop Label

Forlan, Last Chance To Avoid Flop Label-->
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April 24, 2012 06:36
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Last call to avoid the flop and Inter farewell.

Among the strikers that come with great expectations, Diego in recent era is the player that scores the least.

  • Giacomo Libera – 13 goals in 46 games – 0.28 average: From Varese to Inter in 1975, he was snatched away from Milan for 800 thousand lire.  Disappointment.
  • Pietro Anastasi – 13 goals in 66 games – 0.20 average: In 1976, he was gotten in an exchange with Boninsegna who ended up at Juve.  But the former Bianconeri was a disappointment.
  • Juary – 4 goals in 36 games – 0.11 average: After the shirt of Avellino, the Brazilian arrived in Milan in 1982.  A flop.
  • Salvatore Schillaci – 12 goals in 36 games – 0.33 average: The hero of Italy ’90 landed in Appiano Gentile in 1992 but he had already passed his prime.
  • Darko Pancev – 10 goals in 29 games – 0.34 average: After winning the Champions Cup and the Golden Boot with Red Star, the Macedonian failed in Milan.
  • Hakan Sukur – 6 goals in 34 games – 0.18 average: The Turkish striker struggled very much.
  • Gabriel Batistuta – 2 goals in 12 games – 0.17 average: The player who carried Fiorentina and Roma on his shoulders arrived in January 2003.  A meteor.
  • David Suazo – 8 goals in 40 games – 0.20 average: For him, there was a Milan derby and it was “won” by Inter.  But the Hoduran was a disappointment.
  • Diego Forlan – 2 goals in 20 games – 0.10 average: The heir of Eto’o (who scored 37 goals the season before) has only scored against Palermo and Catania.

Milan – Criticizing Diego Forlan is like shooting at the Red Cross, however, the big appointment at Inter needs a new statistic.  Because of all the strikers arrived at Inter in the modern era with high expectations (spare the comparison with Rambert and Keane, but also Quaresma who was not a striker), Cacha is one with the most miserable scoring average.

Mental problems Because no one can argue that Diego Forlan is (or was) a great goal scorer.  The numbers and trophies say that.  But the fact remains is that the city of Milan has never seen the real Forlan.  Against Fiorentina at the Franchi, he was very quiet and of course the inevitable substitution arrived when he was replaced with Sneijder.  Inter seed to no longer know how to make of this situation.  Because the result is that during the week, Diego performs well in training but when Sunday comes, his body double shows up.  Perhaps it is a psychological problem.

Goals The problems in the head then inevitably become reality.  With an average of 0.10 goals per game (against Palermo and Catania in 20 total appearances), Forlan has in fact done worse than the players arrived at Pinetina with high expectations and then proven to be a flop.  Starting from Giacomo Libero who in ’75 sparked a Milan derby on the transfer market (cost 800 thousand lire) and then scored 13 goals in 46 games and became famous for his nightlife.  Then came Pietro Anastasi for whom, Inter had to sacrifice an icon in Boninsegna.  Next was Juary who only danced around the flag to celebrate a goal just 4 times in 36 games.  From Schillaci, the hero of ’90 World Cup, to Darko Pancev (Golden Boot winner), to Hakan Sukur, the recordman in Turkey but innocuous in Milan.  Without forgetting Batistuta, the Lion King in Florence and Rome but a kitten on a sofa at Inter.  And David Suazo, another star in a Milan derby in the transfer market, which would have been better to lose.  All, while disappointing, still had better goal scoring average than Forlan.  The player that still has five more chances to leave this sad group.

By Editorial Staff


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