Milito: “It’s a unique thing to win the derby, especially for the fans”

Milito: “It’s a unique thing to win the derby, especially for the fans”
October 5, 2012 09:10
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Diego Milito got interviewed by Sky Sports about the derby against Milan on Sunday. “The derby are always beautiful, especially when you win,” the 33-year-old player said. The Argentine also spoke about previous derby, his team-mate Cassano, which teams fighting for the Scudetto and his relationship to Stramaccioni.

Do you feel that the derby is the most important?
“The derby are always beautiful, especially when you win. I remember them all well, for example, 4-0 win in 2010. I think we played a very good match. Since this was my first derby I remember it with great affection.”

Last year Stramaccioni was preparing the derby very well. What was the secret behind the victory?
“He is very good at preparing and we came to the derby calm. We knew that we had to win to be able to fight our way to the Champions League, which never came. We prepared very well for the game, AC Milan also played for the championship and I remember how good the game was.”

Cassano before the game?
“We have not talked about the game but it will certainly be a special game for him after what he experienced in Milan. He is an important player for us in the derby, we are talking about a talented striker and a great player who can make a difference at any time.”

Do you worry about your former teammate Pazzini?
“You should not worry but of course, I respect him.”

How does it feel in the league?
“Because we are a team under construction, it is too early to say. There were many new players to Inter and to talk about the Scudetto is a bit early, we’ll see later. Obviously Inter are forced to fight for it.”

Fear over Juve and Napoli?
“We respect everyone. We are talking about two great teams that are showing and they have proved in the past.We respect them, but we also respect Lazio, Roma and Milan. These are teams that will surely fight with us.”

You really are in the center of Inter’s projects. Did you expect that a coach like Stramaccioni would see how important you are to his idea of football?
“It is obviously a source of pride that both the coach and supporters continue to focus on me, although I’m in the age of 30. I am grateful for it and have to prove it every day in training and in the field every Sunday.”

Milito ended the interview by saying:
“I would love to win the derby, the most important thing is to win. It’s a unique thing to win the derby, especially for the fans.”


By Jordanos Embaye