Galatasaray’s president: “We want Sneijder, but must also consider the player’s wishes”

January 8, 2013 16:24
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Galatasaray’s President Ünal Aysal was interviewed by the club’s official television channel and talked about the lunch he had with Inter’s Massimo Moratti yesterday. During the lunch, a possible deal for Wesley Sneijder was discussed: “I had lunch with Moratti in Milan yesterday, it was a meeting that we had decided on earlier. During the conversation we talked about Sneijder and we started a discussion. The player is actually on our shopping list but despite this we must, in addition to the agent’s request, also consider other factors such as the family’s wishes. We will perhaps talk more in the coming days, although we do not intend to spend much. We are waiting for Inter to lower their demands. Our list also includes other players, like Chadli and Carlinhos. We hide nothing from the press, the names of the players we follow are the ones that you see in the newspapers.”

Aysal stressed, however, one important aspect, namely the player’s and his family’s wishes. The Dutchman does not seem to be inclined to move to Turkey even though the club still might consider Sneijder’s wage demands. Sneijder’s entourage has made clear that the player is looking for a club of higher rank, so a move to Galatasaray in the present does not seem likely.



By Olof Svensson