As have known for a couple of days, Inter will come to Stockholm to study the new stadium of the town Friends Arena for their new stadium project. Though now it has been made official. It’s the AIK chairman Johan Strömberg who in a interview to Expressen reveals that he was contacted by Inter to get further information about the stadium and the experience.

-We were contacted by Inter because they’ll build a new stadium in the coming years. They want to look at friends arena and they want to discuss our experiences from the process. After that they’ll visit us for Sweden-Argentina february 6th, Strömberg tells Expressen. He continues:

-We’re going to Milan on friday and will stay until sunday. On saturday we’ll watch Inter-Pescara and during the weekend we’ll have dinner with Massimo Moratti and his wife Milly. It’s flattering that Moratti wants to meet us, it proves its importance when he personally is involved. It’s to early to say if this will become something more, but we’ll help Inter with the stadium talks if they need.As well as we have a lot to learn from Inter so we hope to keep the contacts.

So the Inter stadium project is a 100% serious. From the news about the Albanian company that could maybe build it, to this. Inter are really planning and monitoring the situation for a new stadium and we’ll have more news soon…

Pics of the friends arena