Terzo Tempo – Damn, What if

February 3, 2013 18:07
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Let’s look at our three new members of the team. Zvadrako Kuzmanovic, in the center of midfield, has proven to be a good draft. Certainly for the price of two million euros. Stable and secure in his position. Keeps the ball, accurate in his passing game and a couple of really good passes that could have resulted in assists, if the game had just gone a little bit more our way. I’m saying damn, what if.
Mateo Kovacic played 45 minutes and did show us a little bit of what is hiding in his shoes. 18 years old and plays with smartness and without respect for the opposition. Exactly what Inter needs. Yet again I tell you that patience is the name of the game. He is young with no experience from the big leagues, so is the case for many other players in Inters current squad. It is a project that needs time to grow. As for Schelotto, I’m lost for words. If this player does not step his game up, a lot of steps, I do not believe he will last longer in Inter than Jonathan. But, we know that Schelotto has the potential to become something good and I will not judge nobody after one game. He might grow to become the new Maicon. Damn, what if.

This is a loss that does sting like a needle in the eye. 3-1 against a team like Siena. A team that scores the first goal from an offside position, then fouls two Inter players in the box that could have resulted in penalties and then takes the fatal step after Chivu’s red card and wins the game by three goals to one. I can’t lie, I am fiercely pissed off. Then again, I’m not satisfied with the referees in this game. You could think we were facing another “bianconero”-team. But, no matter under what circumstances, we should not lose against Siena.

Best on the pitch today for Inter, is once again Juan Jesus. A fantastic player, especially for his age. Maybe he is not completed in the mindstate of a central defender. It is possible to outwit Juan, but to outrun him? To win a battle for the ball or dribble passed him? Not a chance. If Inter can keep him in the team for the next couple of years, without Paris Saint Germain interfering with a duffle bag loaded with money, we have a defender of absolute world class in Inter.

Football isn’t pure logic, football isn’t statistics and mathematics. It is so many factors playing in and sometimes, it is enough for the squad from the bottom of the table to beat a team like Inter…for the second time this season.

By Editorial Staff