Staff at the Gazzetta dello Sport headquarters are today celebrating “Candido Day 2013“, which is dedicated to the Candido Cannavò Foundation, set up in 2010 to recall, spread and continue the work and message of the paper’s great editor, who died on 22 February 2009.

Massimo Moratti used the occasion to take some questions of the journalists present, as he commented on last night’s win over Cluj and the derby against AC Milan at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on Sunday night.

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You’re into the last 16 of the Europa League and now it’s the derby…

“We went through in the Europa League but now we have barely any time to prepare for the derby. We all have this weight on our minds. It’s a great occasion for everyone in football however, and so we’re looking forward to it, and I think it could be a hard-fought match both for the supporters – who I believe want to watch it in a sporting manner – and the two clubs.”

What’s it like seeing Mario Balotelli line up as an opponent?

“If I’m honest, it doesn’t affect me much. I love him and I’m happy he’s been able to move to big clubs, first Manchester City, now AC Milan. It’s one thing loving him because I watched him come through at Inter, it’s another when he’s an opponent, but there’ll be no anger there.”

Who starts as favourites, Inter or AC Milan?

“AC Milan, without a doubt. They’re big favourites.”

What will you need to do to win the derby?

“It’s crucial the players show physical strength and the right spirit to realise it’s a very important match for football, for the two clubs’ traditions and for the fans.”

Are you saying AC Milan are favourites because you truly believe it or because you’re superstitious?

“I really think so. They’ve just beaten Barcelona, I don’t think I’m saying anything sarcastically, but just because a team are favourites, it doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily win.”

How is the team?

“They’re doing well, of course they’re tired from yesterday’s match, but you can overcome this with pride and determination.”

How much concern is there over Andrea Ranocchia’s fitness?

“I don’t know how bad his injury is.”

Are you worried about how the fans will react to seeing Balotelli wearing the Rossoneri colours?

The reactions of both sets of supporters – not just towards Balotelli, but also towards Milito – could be a concern, but I don’t think so. What’s more, Inter and AC Milan fans have never hated each other, and there’s respect towards the players.”

What will it be like seeing Balotelli in red and black?

“I saw him wear Manchester City’s colours. He’s a player who will do well wherever he goes, including AC Milan.”

Inter have Antonio Cassano, who will have huge motivation.

“Yes, but all our players will be up for it.”

AC Milan beat Barcelona without playing ‘catenaccio’ like Inter did…

“We won 3-1 in Milan, but not by playing catenaccio. AC Milan played an intelligent game so quite honestly I think they were both good performances.”

Is this derby more important for Inter or AC Milan?

“For both sides.”