There were many questions posed to the Nerazzurri player, by way of Roberto Scarpini, and many were focused on Sunday’s derby:

“It’s a unique and special game. Maybe we’re not playing quite the way we want to be playing in the league, but considering how we’ve been training and how we played yesterday in Romania, we deserve to win. We’re hoping to do things right and grab the three points. AC Milan are doing well but so are we, and I have a lot of confidence in our team. We want to win the derby and then start doing things as we all believe we can. There’s nothing as wonderful as playing in a derby with a full stadium. It will be fantastic. We really hope to win and make the fans happy.”

“The earliest memories I have are with a football. I can’t remember it any other way,” stated Ricky Alvarez.

Alvarez also spoke of his passions, family and friendships:

“I have a brother and three sisters, and they often come to visit me. My family is everything to me. My favourite sport after football is tennis, and I love Federer. I’m happy in Italy. Milan is a city that has it all, and I’m really happy here. My closest friends on the team? Definitely the Argentines, but that’s natural. Actually, though, I have a good relationship with everyone. We have an excellent group and I feel really good here.”

The discussion then focused on the future, and Alvarez responded:

“I’m not thinking about my future, but rather on playing well now. Then we’ll see. I’d like to stay with this team. I’m happy here and get along with everyone. I know I still haven’t shown my full worth, also because I’ve suffered a couple injures that have held me back a bit. But I want this situation to change, and I want to do well here. When you come into a game that’s already underway it’s not easy to find your rhythm and confidence. Sometimes when you’re subbed on you want to do everything and don’t manage it. Consistency is important because you gain confidence, and confidence helps you to do things right. It’s not easy to get back to your old level when coming back from an injury. But I’m feeling fine now and with a bit of consistency I’ll feel even better.”

The Argentine player was then asked how he felt during the January transfer window when hearing his name mentioned as a possible departing player:

I wanted to stay here, but in this sport you never know what will happen. I was giving my all in training to do well and stay. Now I really want to do everything I can to give my best.”

“A goal in the derby? I hope so!” Ricky Alvarez smiled, galvanised by the thought of it.

The Nerazzurri player is hoping to repeat his Europa League performance:

“Let’s hope so. Having a game like that changes everything. There’s nothing so beautiful as scoring a goal, and in the derby it would be even better… Should I have the chance to take to the pitch I’d do everything to play well and help my team. I think we deserve a win.”

The Argentine player was then asked in which role he feels the most comfortable:

“I don’t have a role in which I feel the most comfortable, but if I had to choose it would be starting on the right rather than the left.”

Alvarez then gave some accolades to his team-mates, Mateo Kovacic, Rodrigo Palacio and Walter Samuel:

“Kovacic looks really good to me, an excellent young player. He needs time but he’s really good and I’m sure he’ll do well here at Inter. Palacio? He’s unique. His movement is such that passing the ball to him is easy. He’s incredible. Walter Samuel is incredible too; to have a career like that after the injuries he’s suffered. He’s phenomenal. Samuel helps me a lot and encourages me. For me he’s a phenomenon and I thank him.”