Montoya’s agent: “Only rumors”Montoya’s agent: “Bara rykten”

Montoya’s agent: “Only rumors”Montoya’s agent: “Bara rykten”-->
<!--:en-->Montoya’s agent: “Only rumors”<!--:--><!--:sv-->Montoya’s agent: “Bara rykten”<!--:-->
March 21, 2013 19:54
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Martin Montoya, Barcelona’s young fullback has been rumored to Inter during the last couple of weeks. However, yesterday his agent talked to the press and confirmed that there has been no contact with Inter what so ever. This is reported by today.Montoya
Martin Montoya, Barcelonas unga ytterback har ryktats till Inter under de senaste veckorna. Idag uttalar sig dock hans agent och dementerar alla rykten. Ingen kontakt har varit mellan Montoya och Inter eller Inter och Barcelona. Detta rapporterar idag.

By Editorial Staff


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