Among the many dealings that Inter are involved in there are also the negotiations with Bologna in the case of René Krhin, the midfielder born in 1990, who is playing his third season in Bologna.

The co-ownership that Bologna invested 2.5 million in two years ago, has already been renewed twice and now in June, it is possible that the player is redeemed by any of the two clubs for a sum of around € 3 million as Bologna, in the event that the player goes to Inter, obviously wants to get back the money they invested. The future of the player is unclear as the player’s entourage has said nothing and as Bologna hasn’t made any announcements. Another scenario that should not be excluded is that the slovene returns to Inter if Moratti decides to continue with another season of rejuvenation.

Another deal that is not quite finished with Bologna is the one for Gaby Mudingayi. It is however clear that the player will be redeemed by Inter, as agreed last summer, for a sum of around 750 000. Along with the 750 000 Inter paid last summer, the player’s value is around 1.5 million euros. No surprises when it comes Mudingayi then.