After having given another masterclass at the San Paolo stadium, Edinson Cavani was interviewed shortly after the final whistle by Italian Sky: “We have to pay tribute to the intensity and the performance by the team tonight. Inter could have after all won this easily. We knew that we had to sacrifice ourselves in order to win, we are all very happy. The 2nd spot is secured? We take it Sunday by Sunday, it will be decided towards the very end. We deserve the 2nd spot since we have given everything we have all the way to the end.”

A few moments later he was interviewed by Premium Calcio: “It was 3 importaint points in order to secure the 2nd spot, that’s why I’m happy, besides the happiness you feel in this stadium. For me Napoli will always be in my heartbecause I have received so much here. If I’m moved? No, but scoring 3 goals in this stadium is always something very special. Leave Italy? No, Iäm only thinking about to qualify for the Champions League. After the Championship is over, I have other competitions to take part in, I want to keep feeling well and performing at 100% of my ability. Mazzarri stays? Yes absolutely, he has given so much to this team” Cavani concludes.