Before the match against Lazio there were many banners in Curva Nord. In previous home games people in Inter’s leadership, like Fassone and Branca, have received questions. Today, it was president Moratti who received questions from Curva Nord, 12 of them to be exact:

1) Why do you think the whole stadium applauded the Curva’s past banners on the club?

2) Why is the same medical team that we had when we won the triple being questioned?

3) Why does the project to rejuvenate the team entail sales of the young players who are already in the team or from our Primavera?

4) What’s the point of always selling our players?

5) 2010-2013. From the top of the world, the club plummeted to the current situation. Considering the example of other European clubs, do you believe the cause is entirely due to all the players and coaches during this period?

6) How is it that the club is always passive in relation to each attack in the media?

7) At Inter there is always a culprit to put into place and a mole that has never ever been seen in other clubs. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to have a “strong man” in the leadership in order to convey the feeling of belonging, handle all club business and show his face in defense of the club?

8) Why was the real reason that Oriali had to leave the leadership never explained?

9) Why is it said that the club Inter is like a big family when in reality it is just the opposite? Haven’t you realized that everyone thinks of themselves and their own chair?

10) How could you let the second shirt be red if you are an Interista?

11) It was said that your dream was the Champions League just like your father… Now it has been said that your second wish is the new stadium… Okay, but Inter?

12) How is it that those who leave Inter always speak well of you… but ill of Inter?

“President, we have supported the team throughout the year without question. You love Inter, we love Inter. Now is the time for answers.”

Surely, by placing them in a constructive and objective manner with the sole purpose of uniting all our minds and our energies for Inter’s sake, we are confident that you will find the best way to respond correctly to some of the questions we’ve asked.

Thanks in advance for your attention

Curva Nord