Parma Director Pietro Leonardi was interviewed by TeleDucato regarding the deal where Ishak Belfodil signs for Inter and where Antonio Cassano and Matias Silvestre gp the opposite way: “With regards to Cassano I can say that we are currently working on it. It isn’t an easy deal but we are optimistic. We’re going forward in a calm manner, we’re taking it one step at a time and we hope to conclude the deal as soon as possible. Silvestre? Things are little bit different when it comes to him. Right now he’s in Argentina and therefore it’s complicated to talk about it. We will wait until he returns from his holiday as it’s better to meet in person.”

Then Leonardi was asked where the idea for this deal came from: “The idea was born through discussions where we discussed how we can improve and strengthen both clubs. We met over dinner, we started talking and as we have a very good relationship with Inter we never were never faced with any difficulties. I want to thank everyone who has complimented us for the deal but I prefer to receive this compliments ina  few months. We are aware that we are about to tie up an exceptional player from a technical point of view, who is far from finished as someone implied. We hope we have made the right choice, especially considering that this season the club celebrates its centenary birthday.”