Alvaro Pereiras future at Inter is uncertain. His agent Flavio Perchman was interviewed exclusively by our colleagues at and here are his words:

Perchman, are there any news about Pereiras future?

“He is feeling very well at Inter and would like to continue to wear the shirt for a couple of more seasons. No club has asked me about him and if an offer would arrive, we would value the opinions of the player.”

Is there an offer from Tottenham?

“You will have to ask Inter if any offer has came from Tottenham or if the club wants to sell Pereira. We adapt our answers after what Inter tells us.”

How big is the difference between Pereira the last season and when he was at his best?

“I have to be honest and tell you I haven’t many of his games this season since I have been in Uruguay. The only thing I know is that Alvaro has a great will to do well with Inter.”

Inter seem to be after Kolarov:

“A great club like this always want to get great players and Kolarov is a great player. Even if he plays at the same position as Alvaro, we are not worried about an eventual Inter move for Kolarov.”