Erick Thohir was interviewed by Rai2: “I must thank the coach, the players and the fans. Tonight they were all heroes. It is a great victory, we have great respect for Milan, but today we won. It was my first win and I hope others will come. I have confidence in the coach and the team, they also have confidence in themselves. The transfer market? We are in no hurry. this is my first year, the goal is to build a great Inter, but it will take two to three years.”

On Guarin: “He was one of the best players today and I will raise the matter with the coach and sports director, if we should let him leave or not, but we must build a better Inter.”

On his meeting with Barbara Berlusconi: “It was a pleasure to meet her. Inter is one of the biggest clubs in Serie A. We would like to take the Serie A to the same level as in the 80s and if we can sit together, we can build something great.”