cambiasso salme

Inter midfielder Esteban Cambiasso participated in the farewell match for Gabriel Milito yesterday. After the friendly Cuchu was interviewed by Fox Sports: “Return in the national team? Just the fact that we’re talking about it definitely makes me very happy. Just the fact that there is a maybe makes me happy. I’m very happy with how Argentina performs, regardless of the fact that I’m not there myself. It’s a team that is unlike anything else. Sure, I dream about being there, but if it doesn’t happen I’ll continue to cheer. I have to give my best on Sundays, then we’ll see. I have great respect for the coaches’ decision, and I have never complained when I had to be left outside which happened in 2010. There are so many decisions, it may be that there isn’t in the plans that I will return. You must have patience.”

On Inter: “I’m very attached to my club, after ten years with the same team, I have a hard time seeing myself in a different shirt. Obviously, no one knows what happens next in the future. There comes a time in every footballer’s career when you only have to focus on what happens from Monday to Sunday, and from Tuesday to Sunday if Monday is a day off. I’ve had a great career and I can’t complain, with that attitude I hope to achieve more positive results in the future.”