Inter’s goalkeeper Francesco Bardi, currently on a loan at Livorno, talked to Sky about different topics:

“My role-model has always been Gianluigi Buffon. He is the goalkeeper who has and keeps on writing the history in football. The future? At the moment I am thinking about the present and becoming better for every day that passes. Thohir’s compliments really made me happy, with a new president there is always new enthusiasm though I want to thank the Moratti family who gave me very much during my time at Inter.”

Bardi then talks about his Serie A debut and Livorno:

“In my debut we lost 4-1 to Parma but I had much fun in any case. I will never forget the hug with Crespo at the end of the game, we exchanged compliments and it is a moment that I will carry with me forever. Livorno’s season? We want to perform well in the championship, but what’s most important is wishing Andrea Luci good luck. We are all with him.”


Authors comment: For those who didn’t know, Livorno player Andrea Luci’s child has suffered from a very rare life-threatening illness.