ESPN in Argentina interviewed Inter goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo and asked about a return to Selección: ” I have lost continuity in Europe, and in these cases it takes great character and willpower. I wish the best for Sergio (Romero ed.), Mariano (Andújar ed.) and Augustin (Orion ed.). I know them, they are guys who deserve their positions in Selección. It’s a moment they have to take advantage of. I focus on enjoying the moment and maybe it happens to me again one day. Only fate knows this. I can only do my best and give all my will to change things to get the chance in the future.”

Carrizo talked about his farewell to River Plate, and admitted that “the desire was always to stay. Leaving made ​​me feel bad, but when the time came, I had to pull myself together and take the plane to Lazio with all the pain I felt. A return? It doesn’t depend on me and I don’t want to impose my wish. I grew up in River and who knows if anyone is interested in getting me back.”