On Monday, Inter will meet Edy Reja’s Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico in the first match of 2014. To get a forecast, César, who played for both teams, was interviewed in fcinternews.it’s interview series “Face to Face.” The Brazilian calls the two clubs the most important in his career and he’s opposed to a sale of Guarin. Here are his words:

Which team will come to Olimpico in best shape?

“It’s two great teams. Inter are not in a brilliant moment but the change of ownership has given new impulses and it will be a different setting. Lazio has also changed coaches with a return to the mentality that Reja gave. It will be the right motivation for a match like this. Which team will win? On paper, Inter are favorites, but Lazio are out to redeem themselves. I would say that Inter are favorites, to be realistic, but in football you never know.”

As a former player for both teams, who are cheering you for?

“It’s two great clubs, but different teams and different ways of thinking. I have achieved great satisfaction in both teams. Then there are championships and memories that are beautiful. They are the two most important clubs in my career. I hope that those who play best win and that Lazio has the opportunity to come back and get out of this negative period from now to the end of the season.”

Would you also sell Guarin to sign one of Lavezzi and Lamela?

“With Thohir’s arrival you were thinking of a stronger club, now there’s talk of selling players who are no longer valid, like Guarin. Perhaps an equally good player will arrive. There was talk about taking Inter to high levels and I don’t think that selling the Colombian is the right path. Lamela and Lavezzi are good players but these players should be signed without selling him, without Guarin it will be different. I would like to understand Thohir’s idea.”

Source: fcinternews.it