In the last hours a rumor has started spreading in the transfer market claiming that Wallace is close to bid farewell to Inter and return to Chelsea. To clarify the situation our partner contacted the player’s agent outside Brazil, Frederico Moraes.

Is it true that Wallace will leave Inter in January to return to Chelsea?

“I can say that it’s not true.”

He will thus remain in Milan until June?

“We have not received any call from Chelsea regarding this, thus he will remain until the end of the season at Inter.”

It is said that Inter are unhappy with his performances…

“It’s something you ‘ll have to ask them about. I think he’s in the normal stage of his acclimation, it’s not even six months since he came to Italy. Between now and June, I’m confident that you will see better things on the pitch.”

Is he happy at Inter?

“Yes, he is happy, very happy. Just hope he gets to play more in the future.”