Walter Mazzarri held his first press conference in 2014 and was asked about many different topics. He started giving his opinion on the ongoing situation at Lazio:

“A coach like Reja can only make things better and he knows the club since his earlier experience there. If we look at the Lazio players individually it will be a tough game and if the play like they know to, they will create problems for everyone.”

How is the team looking after the vacations?

“I had recommended them all to work and they have been following their programs. Everyone has been looking good during these days. The players are charged and the derby victory has given us a lot of self-esteem, we need to get continuity and become more concrete. Against Napoli we weren’t attentive enough, which made us let goals in. I liked how the team played though. I want my players to play football and I want that to happen tomorrow as well. Then the result depends on other situations.”

How is Milito?

“He will certainly be a part of the squad and he played the mini-match on the session yesterday looking good. He will need a bit time, last time he came back against Sassuolo playing some minutes. Even if he isn’t in top-form he can help us and be important because the opponents respect him. I’m happy because he is back and at my disposal.”

Are Inter only counting on Palacio?

“Inter are counting on everyone and that’s what the numbers prove. Palacio is our best goalscorer but he always plays for the team. He contributes even when not scoring. This is a team where many have scored, the most important thing is that we play good football and that we score.”

Can you give us your opinion on the situation with Petkovic and Reja?

“I am only thinking about Inter and I don’t think this is positive for us. We saw Lazio earlier, they had many problems and they played really bad against Verona in comparison to what they can. Reja’s arrival is dangerous for us.”

How important was it to win the derby?

“Very. In Italy you watch the standings a lot, even if a team is growing and needs to be given time. If you play well and lose, or draw against teams you feel you can beat the players can feel it. I’m curious to see how we will enter the field against Lazio and I’m hoping the derby victory gave us more confidence.”

How is Icardi?

“I’ll take advantage of the situation to tell you that he might not be a part of the squad. Hopefully we can bring him with us in the last second tomorrow. He has suffered from the flu. It’s a shame because he was in good form and was practising very well Milito will be a part of the squad and I’ll have to see how the game goes before using him. Games are played with 13-14 players if the substitutions are counted and the players have proven that the subs can be decisive.”

How long will it be before we get to see Icardi in top form?

“He must be in good physical shape and to reach his best physical shape he needs to practice with continuity to keep his form. Then he needs to come to match form, those who play with continuity are going through the best practice. This flu bothers me because he was ready to play a longer while.”

Who do you want to win between Juve and Roma?

“I am thinking about Inter and tomorrow. We need to take our points to arrive as high as possible.”

Is January a month where Milito’s form will be tested and where you will value the possibility to sign a striker?

“Milito adds a value to this team. I have always hoped to have him at my disposition and even as a sub he is important for us. I can’t wait until January is over because as a coach I’m fearing that all the rumours on the mercato will distract the team.”

About Icardi again:

“We have kept him away from the rest of the team. The doctor will talk to me about the situation and we will see if he can play tomorrow, we’ll see.”

Could the Kuzmanovic we saw in the derby prove to help out the midfield?

“I have tested him in many different positions and he could also play as a playmaker, since he has had that role before. He has experience and could prove to be good in all roles on the midfield. In the derby he did very well coming on from the bench and I don’t know if he can play as well from start. He needs to grow and I’ll see whether to play with him from start or sub him on.”

Our partners Fcinternews asks about D’Ambrosio and Wallace/Pereira:

“Until a player represents Inter I won’t talk about him. Wallace and Pereira? They are not starting tomorrow that’s what I can tell you. I won’t talk about the mercato.”

Fcinternews then asks if Kuzmanovic will play from start:

“It’s one of the doubts I have. I am also waiting to understand how Lazio will play. I will watch today’s session and give my starting eleven. Kuzmanovic is one of 3-4 I’m doubting.”

Is it possible for Alvarez to play from start?

“It is a possibility, as for Kovacic and Kuzmanovic. We need to think about our tactical balance, when we played with all our offensive players against Parma we let three goals in. Making decisions you also need to value the balance in the team. I want to see positive football but I prefer the tea to take points.”

Does Icardi’s flu ruin the experiment with two strikers?

“Even Milan played with one striker against us. Until the derby we had theh best attack in the championship which means we play great football. That’s what counts, more than the use of one or two strikers. I want to create goal scoring opportunities that is what I want to make clear. If I could, I’d play with three strikers but the team goes before everything.”

Is there anyone you expect more of in 2014?

“I think Kovacic is growing as I want him to. He is taking great steps forward and not only for the moves he knows, but also for how he helps the team. This is the stuff that will make him a talent, I’m hopeful because he will grow even more for the rest of the season. Just like everyone else.”