Guarin SALME

Inter are in Rome to win against Lazio and begin the new year as good as the last ended with the victory in the derby. Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio was interviewed by Sky and began by talking about Nainggolan: “It has not fallen through because it was never about to happen. I thought he would go to Napoli, but now it looks to be Roma. It is part of the transfer market but it is no disappointment for us: we couldn’t go after such a player at the moment.”

Will Guarin leave? “He’s an Inter player and we are happy. However, I don’t deny contacts with Chelsea: it’s a source of pride for us and we would have allowed them, if that were the case , to talk to the guy’s entourage. But it stayed there and we are happy because he’s an important player for us. No striker is bought if Fredy stays? We have no desire to sell him, and in recent times he has also made assists, goals and demonstrated continuity. Moreover, it is also true that, with Milito and Icardi’s comebacks, we’re pleased with that department. Accordingly, nothing when it comes to Osvaldo neither.”