Hernanes 650x440

Hernanes was interviewed by Sky after tonights win against Inter at the Stadio Olimpico which meant that Lazio took their 4th consecutive home win against Inter in the Serie A, a feat the club from Rome had never previously achieved in their history.

“No-one has a magical wand, not even Reja. It can’t all be a mental issue, there is also a physical aspect to take into consideration. Here, you have to be at your best in order to make a difference and therefore it’s very important for us all to be back at 100% fitness wise. For example myself, this year I prepared very little ahead of the season and I couldn’t train so well given how tightly the matches were played after one another. So I decided to stay and not go back to Brazil over the holidays, it would have been complicated.”

“My contract renewal? I’m in no rush, I want to prove my worth on the pitch first” Hernanes concludes.