It was a disappointed Walter Mazzarri who spoke to Sky after the loss against Lazio.

“We knew it would be a difficult game, Lazio lay deep and were waiting for us to attack. We didn’t play perfectly and it was only during certain periods that we showed resolve on the pitch. We often make mistakes during the last movement patterns in the final third and make the wrong choices. It was a tight match and we tried to unlock it. We tried to win against them on their home turf but we didn’t create any dangerous chances. ”

The referee?

“He makes both right and wrong decisions during the game, it was a clear penalty on Rolando and Dias should have been shown the red card but that does not matter now… We have bad luck: The penalty situation on Rolando was when the ball was blocked and where our players made themselves free to be where the ball should have been, then against Napoli we made a tackle just like the one Dias did today and we had a man sent off. We didn’t exactly show off in certain situations and we had difficulties in one-on-one situations, but Lazio were very good individualy. ”

Reja said he won by playing as Inter have played in this year.

“He’s my friend, but I don’t have any comment on that other than that he hasn’t seen us train and I do not think he’s seen all our matches. Against Napoli we had 70% ball-possession”

To return to Damatos decision and your team.

“You have to play well balanced to win these kinds of matches, it also applies to referees decisions. I think we would have more space if Dias had been sent off don’t you think?. Take Napoli as an example,  Alvarez was sent off when we played as best. I’m not after some controversy, I’m just saying what I think since you ask me about it. ”

In order to make some comparisons with today’s game and the derby.

“We started carefully with a compact team, then to make substitution in the second half to try and change the game and go for the win, so it’s more or less the same tactics as against Milan, but today we didn’t play as good, we only had one dangerous scoring chance and that was Nagatomo’s. Klose did a fine goal and he punished us. ”

What is happening in the transfer market?

“We’re have just started to build the squad, I’ll talk to the club. I have evaluated the players during these months.”