When he was interviewed by Inter Channel’s Roberto Scarpini after the match between Lazio and Inter,  Diego Milito talked about the match and his comeback, but also about the refereeing decisions that go against Inter. Here are his words:

Everyone wanted to see you, welcome back Diego.

“After so many months, I’m happy to be back, although I didn’t want a loss. It was tough to lose.”

When Guarin fouled Dias the referee showed a yellow card. The coach pointed out that there was a foul on Rolando. Again, we’re commenting on strange refereeing decision. Your thoughts?

“I think this is a period that goes against us in this regard. We’re not awarded penalties and the one on Rolando could have been a penalty. We are punished, but we must look forward, even towards the game in the Coppa Italia in Udine.”

How did you think Inter looked? What are the prospects for this team?

“We are doing a very good season, we have made many changes, but we’re on the right track. At the end, we will evaluate the results we’ve achieved. We hope to continue to do a good championship.”

Can the match on Thursday be useful to you, when it comes to playing time?

“It’s more an opportunity for the coach as both me and Icardi have been gone a long time. I want to help the team.”

You ran a lot, is it a sign that you understand what the coach wants?

“That is what we must do, we must all help. Again, I want to help the team.”