Milito SALME

In the loss against Lazio, there were few things to be joyful about, but one such thing was however Diego Milito’s second comeback this season. After the match Il Principe was interviewed by Mediaset Premium: ” We knew it would be a tough game, we are bitter but we mustn’t give up, we must continue on our way. We know it’s a tough league, but there’s still a lot missing. At what percentage my shape is? I don’t like talking about percentages, I need to find my rhythm. I’m glad to be back, I practice with the team. We are on the right path.”

The Argentine also responded to the claims that there would be problems in the locker room because of the long holidays given to the South Americans: “It doesn’t exist, we’re a compact and united group. The holidays were decided by the coach and we do what he says. The future? I don’t think about the future, I think of the present, and to play because I missed the pitch. At 34 years of age, I can’t think of the future. Champions League? We will fight to the end. ,We know it’s difficult, but we mustn’t give up, at the end we will sum up.”