On its website Alfredo Pedullà clarifies the situation around Torino’s interest in Ruben Botta: “Inter believe that, after the serious injury, he can show his full value and become a player in Serie A. Torino have asked for him in the deal for Danilo D’Ambrosio, Inter want to send him to Torino on loan, maybe give the opportunity to buy a co-ownership of the player. Toro on the other hand are asking for a direct co-ownership. Somehow an agreement will be reached. Botta must not be part of the deal, Inter could increase its cash offer up to two million, or offer a young player and limit the compensation. We’ll see, somehow, an agreement will be reached. In July, there was talk about Alfred Duncan, but without great outlooks. There is another way: give the green light for Botta, reach an agreement on the valuation that ensures that Inter regain control over the rights to the player within two years. Livorno are also interested in Botta, but are now more or less out of the picture after the recent events.”

Source: fcinternews.it