Ruben Botta has officially become an Inter player, after having been registered from Livorno to not occupy a non-EU registration spot. Tonight the Argentine will already be in Udine for the game in the Italian Cup and could then be loaned to Torino in the negotiations for D’Ambrosio. In an exclusive interview with our partners at FcInterNews president Aldo Spinelli of Livorno discussed the ‘return’ of the player to the Nerazzurri. “Botta has returned to Inter as agreed, but there is absolutely no problem with the Nerazzurri. The agreement was with us and we respected it. Unfortunately, we removed a place for an extra EU spot until June that we could have used. Other business with the Nerazzurri ahead in January? I do not know, it’s being dealt with by the director Capozucca. ”

Source: FCInternews