Milito SALME

Once upon a time I went to San Siro for the first time to see my beloved Inter play. Sure they hadn’t won any league titles in some time, but they were my pazza Inter. Always fighting for top positions and players at least. The first game I saw at San Siro was versus Udinese, and the first words I uttered in Italian were “Vaffanculo Udinese”. Inter  won it 3-1 after two goals by Julio Cruz (they actually gave Inter penalties back then) and one by Oba Martins. I would give my right arm to have someone like El Jardinero Cruz on the team again. Or to have that midfield from 2006 back for that matter.

When seeing the starting elevens I think most of us knew that it would be a difficult game to watch. The team showed no reaction from the loss against Lazio, still looked lethargic and clueless. Quality wise it was probably the poorest Inter side I’ve ever seen, but at least Mateo Kovacic was in his right position on the field. Unfortunately though throughout the first half he rarely got the ball except for when he had his back against the goal. Kuzmanovic and Mudingayi who aren’t exactly known for their delicate feet were handling the passing. So if you didn’t see the game that should be painting you a picture about the first half. Oh and I almost forgot once again there was a clear penalty somehow not given to Inter (Milito).

In the second half Inter superman of the season Rodrigo Palacio (subbed Mudingayi) teamed up with Milito in attack and we got a 4-4-2 formation.  The team played much better in the second half, still conceding counter attacks but at least held possession in midfield and created some half chances. Oh and there was a clear penalty call for Inter ignored in the second half as well, at least the referees are consistent.

The best chance for an Inter goal game in the last ten minutes when Milito passed it beautifully to Guarin who blasted it outside from close range. Honestly the only thing worth taking away from this game was that Milito is back. He might still be at 60% but he was a leader on the pitch, fighting for every ball and pissed off for how the team played. He fought for 90 minutes, showed a little bit of his magic and Walter Mazzarri finally has a valid partner for Rodrigol in attack.

With this loss Inter misses the quarterfinals in the Coppa Italia for the first time since 2003. End of an era, and the end of any hopes of winning a title this season.  Speaking of an end of an era, it hurts to write this but seeing Javier Zanetti like this on the pitch is painful. The last games have been merciless in showing that he is not cutting it as a starter anymore.

Mazzarri stated before the Lazio game that he can’t wait for January to be over because of all the transfer talks that he feels distract the players.  Well let’s hope somebody will be able to wake the players up and remind them which team they play for. Sure this might be the poorest Inter side up to date, but there needs to be more pride when going out on the pitch. These last two games don’t cut it. Let us hope Erick Thohir and Branca/Ausilio give the mister some help to actually build a team that is worthy of the Inter jersey.

Best: Milito is back.

Worst: The refs. Two missed penalties and several crazy off side rulings. They just can’t be this poor.

Oh and vaffanculo Udinese.