During the program Radio Appiano on Inter Channel, Inter president Erick Thohir spoke directly via video link from Jakarta and analyzed the situation of Walter Mazzarri’s team, talked about the transfer market, the referees and much more. Here is the interview with the Indonesian tycoon:

President, the year has started with matches which, unfortunately, have gone in the wrong direction. What are your thoughts on this?

“It’s normal that you feel disappointed when you lose games like these, so I understand the fans. But I think the team, the players have given everything. We played hard, although the results were not the ones we hoped for.”

The transfer market is a hot topic. What are your objectives and what can the fans expect?

“The prospects are very good, but we must find the right balance. In some positions we need some players, in others we have good coverage. We must be careful when we buy new players because the transfer window is very short and we are already halfway into the season. In any case, the coach wants players who are already ready to play for Inter. We are looking at some players and there are some ongoing negotiations and we will try to get them, the others that are not necessary for the future are not interesting. The project to improve the team will take 2-3 years, this is the time it takes to reach the top.”

When you became president you talked about a “project ” which covers both the present and the future. What has changed since November 15?

“I’m not Superman so I haven’t been able to do so many things during this time. My plans are to make Inter a healthy club, accompany the team during this transition period and open to the international market so we have even more fans outside of Italy. Serie A is considering to let some matches be played in Asia. All this will take two or three years, not 60 days.”

Transition, the same word that Mazzarri used after the match against Udinese. No illusion for the fans, do you agree with the coach?

“Absolutely, he’s the perfect coach for this Inter, it’s his first year and it’s the first time I work with him, we trust each other, but we need time to work better together. In good times and bad, I will support the coach, who also loves the fans. We have to start winning, but it will take time, but the confidence in the coach is there.”

How are you supposed to keep in touch with the club and the team when you’re so far away?

“I’m always in contact with the leadership and it works very well: Fassone, Branca, Ausilio, Mazzarri, the work is excellent. The distance is not a problem and never will be, the important thing is to meet and constantly keep in touch. The technique helps and the fans see them everywhere. There are many ways, such as newspapers and Inter Channel.”

The refereeing question, did you see the episode with Milito in the last match of the Coppa Italia? Should he have been awarded a penalty?

“You have to trust the experience of Serie A’s referees, who are among the best in the world. I’m not an expert, but I want to watch good games together with the fans, with the hope that the referee doesn’t affect the games too much, with the hope that it will be fair for all teams. Everybody wants to win and no one wants to lose.”

Many thanks, when do you return to Italy?

I’ll be back later this month, then in the end of February, then in the end of March, April, May. Thus, many times. I hope to see progress, but I’m sure that we will get better and that we will do better than last year.”

Source: fcinternews.it