In today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport there was an interview with former great Nicola Berti who talked about Erick Thohir’s first months and urged the new president to take action.

What does Inter supporter Nicola Berti think of the distant president?

“First of all he should spend. Immediately. Pastore, Dzeko, we need quality players. Unfortunately, the team has shown to have few of them, and in Inter’s history there have always been many great players. Thus, he should intervene.”

Yes, but Thohir has already made ​​it clear that there are no funds for a significant transfer market in January. The primary need is to balance the budget.

“He shouldn’t repeat that because then he’ll find the fans in his backyard in Jakarta… Then he has given half a promise. Actually, a whole as I remember it: If necessary, we will intervene. Well, the last games say there is a need to strengthen the squad.”

In the derby the team seemed to be back on track…

“It was a brilliant performance, followed by a bitter loss, and I don’t want it to remain the only true satisfaction in a depressing season. No, a second year of transition I can’t stand. It would really be a shame because with a pair of new players, but the right ones, we would be able to fight for a place that gets us into the Champions League.”

Is Palacio too lonely?

“He seems to be the only player of world class. In the sense that the others have to deal with age and injury problems. Besides that, frankly, it must be said that there is a group of players who are struggling to stay on this level. I’m a supporter, I can say what I think.”

The latest criticism has been aimed at Ranocchia: what goal by Klose…

“He’s good, but has been halted. For Inter more is needed.”

However, there have been several penalties that haven’t been awarded.

“Yes, but it’s a weak argument. At first we were all a little misled, there seemed to be a solid foundation to build on. Now the reality is alarming: in the last five games the level of play has been very low.”

And Mazzarri as coach?

“You can’t ask him for miracles and in general he guarantees dedication and professionalism. In the match in Udine, however, I didn’t like the decision to leave the Palace out, let him rest in the league! You don’t snub the only tournament you can win.”

What else should Thohir do, except to invest in the January transfer window?

“Clarity about roles. It seems as if Inter are living in confusion, Having a remote president is an abnormal situation that we were not prepared for. It doesn’t help the team. Actually, I think it has led to a rift between the players who initially appeared to be united. And Moratti’s visit to Pinetina is telling: he is still a point of reference. But is he that in the tecnichal area as well?”

There are those who would like to give Mazzarri responsibility also of the transfer market. Like Wenger…

“A manager in the English style couldn’t work here if you don’t have Mourinho.”