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A draw today against Chievo Verona, a draw that proves more routine than class from the Inter camp and actually no surprise in that matter. It’s unenviable, and without any denial, Inter are supposed to beat Chievo every time, every day of the week and twice on Sundays. We can blame the referee for the wrong call on Nagatomo, but we should beat Chievo easily no matter what.

I don’t mean to be a bitter little cry-baby, but I’m starting to lose my patience with the fact that Palacio in attack looks like Tom Hanks in the “Castaway” movie. Not a soul to help him, close to the point that I expect him to pick up the ball with his hands and call the ball “Wilson”. We need two strikers. I understand that it could be a risk for the defense to remove one of the midfielders. Yet at the same time, it is easier to defend yourself against Inter when we don’t really have the manpower inside the box to really put the pressure on a team. Along comes the counterattacks and every team in the Serie A are strong in that department. We need a second striker and we need to develop our play in attack. My suggestion for our partner in attack with Rodrigo? Yuto Nagatomo, apparently he’s turned into Pippo Inzaghi tonight. Scores by standing at the right place at the right time once, twice, only credited for one. Unacceptable call from the linesman. Which makes me wonder what the average price is for an official in the Serie A. 25 euros and a cake?

Really happy to see Mateo Kovacic play from the first minute however, though I prefer him as central midfielder rather than trequartista. At the same time I prefer Ricky Alvarez right behind Palacio. Needless to say, I’d switch the positions of the two. But, I’m watching the game from an O’Leary’s Bar in Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden and Mazzarri is watching from the bench at the Meazza… so what do I know?

I also have to say that I’m impressed with Corini in the Chievo-camp, who is a good coach who had a rough season so far with Chievo. As well as the players Alberto Paloschi, who is a good and technical striker, and Finnish midfielder Peparim Hetemaj, who never stood still for 90 minutes. I believe that this sort of effort needs to be credited.

Finally I have to complain about our defensive line. Something is not working out at all and somethings need to change. I can’t personally figure out what, how, or why every team can just walk through the three central backs of Inter. If you have any suggestions, please share.

On another note: It feels really, really disgusting to see Sampdoria beat Udinese beyond recognition only four days after we had been knocked out of the Coppa Italia by the latter. Really, really repulsing.