When Walter Mazzarri talked to Sky Sports after the game he was naturally disappointed with the result and the unfortunate decisions by the referee: “What was missing? The goal. I can’t blame the team for anything against a Chievo which, as we knew, was well trained and well prepared physically. We had a very good chance by Palacio, if we had managed to make it 2-1 in the first half we would have seen a different game, there would have been more space and maybe you would have seen an even better football (match). In order to get a good match, both teams must play and Chievo came here, and rightly so, to defend themselves, even if they played a good match.”

“Inter predictable? If you watched the game you saw that I changed formation. We played in different ways, it was a 3-4-3 and even during the game it changed a lot. I don’t think that’s it, the chances were there and it’s only the last step that is missing, such as with Kovacic. It also requires experience, we allowed very little but on every shot, we allow a goal. Now we just have to work hard and hope for some luck. It is a period when it goes like this, we must accept that.”

On Thohir: “I have to compliment the new president because it isn’t easy to say that things are as they are, only a few do that. I hope people have the patience and understanding of the times that we’re going through. Even I’ve said it already and it was things I already knew. We are united, we are doing things well, and we are building an important tactical idea.”

On the referees: “When I say something, I do it. As long as the league is going on, I will not talk more about the referees, at the end of the season we will evaluate. If we were punished by the pitch? Yeah, that’s true because we had to play while the opponents focused on defense. If I had said it people would have said it was because I wanted to come up with excuses. We always have the mentality of trying to win and sometimes you pay, even Juan Jesus – who I think will be a great player – sometimes makes some overly generous mistakes. It is a period when everything goes wrong, I have gone through it even in Napoli but if there is a playing idea and you work well, the results will eventually come. If fate allows it, we will get back the points we’ve lost, no matter what we will always do our best.”

On the transfer market and the attack: “The president has been clear, to buy we have to sell. The coach must make the best of the team he has available. I work a lot with Kovacic and Alvarez, they need to get better mentally and constantly try to enter into the penalty area. It is a mental issue and not an issue of quality, they must be developed even in this point of view. Botta also came on well, we had chances at the end, but today it went as it did. When it rains it pours and what happened then you all saw.”

On Allegri: “It has been a controversy created by you journalists. It’s always the coach who pays, his contract was about to expire, I sympathize with him because it’s easy to forget in football. ”

Source: fcinternews.it