After tonights 1-1 draw against Chievo at home at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza a very annoyed Ricky Alvarez was interviewed by Sky immediately after the final whistle.

“Today we tried to win by controlling the match. Immeditely after we conceded we picked up our heads, it’s a shame. But I have to say: give us what we’re entitled to, at least give us this! We don’t want anything, only what is right. We make our mistakes and we know this, but the referee’s also don’t help. And they make a lot of mistakes which hurt us. Champions League? There’s a long way to go and we have to believe in it.”

A shot moment later he was interviewed by Mediaset Premium where he continued to criticize the referee.

“We tried to win the match tonight from the very first minute, it’s a shame we weren’t able to. We have to continue, the league is long, we haven’t played the match that changes everything, the match which works as the turning point for us and makes us believe in ourselves.”

“Chievo shut down the spaces well, we had some chances. Then we scored a legitimate goal which was disallowed, we would have won the match 2-1 if the goal had stood. We’re getting very tired of these refereeing mistakes, we haven’t said anything before but now it’s all out there for everyone to see. We score a perfectly fine goal and they disallow it.”

Sources: Sky, Mediaset Premium