Hugo Campagnaro has spoken about the difficult moment Inter are going through while stressing that he and his team-mates must keep channelling their energies into their football.

Speaking to Sky Italia this morning, the Argentine explained: “We are having a bit of a hard time at the moment. Lots of things are going against us but we’ve worked our socks off in the last few matches and we’re trying to play our game. We’re attacking the opposition and sooner or later it will start to pay off. The fans can be optimistic because we’re working well and looking at the areas where we need to improve.

“Are we feeling the effects of the heavy workload we were put through at the start of the season? No, we’re working well and running hard, having lots of possession, we just need to open up teams a bit better when they keep 10 men behind the ball.”

The stalwart defender also commented on the refereeing mistakes that have affected the Nerazzurri’s season. “Yes, we’ve had some of those too. There are lots of penalties that we should have been given but weren’t, both in the Coppa Italia and in the league, and most recently that incredible offside decision on Nagatomo. We just have to keep our focus on the game. If things need to be said, the club will do so.”

Does Campagnaro think there’s anything behind it? “No, referees make mistakes like we do; it’s just unfortunate we’ve been on the receiving end so often.” So do Inter deserve to have more points on the board? “Yes, we’re a few points short of what we should have.”

What about the goals Inter have been conceding recently? “The defensive phase is carried out by the whole team. We certainly did it better at the start of the season but it wasn’t only thanks to the defenders. Sometimes we’ve had a lull at a team level, so that’s why we’ve been letting in more.”

President Thohir has recently spoken very clearly about Inter’s future but our 33-year-old centre-back was keen to stress that it doesn’t affect what the players have to do. “Regardless of what is said at management level, our task is to concentrate solely on playing football. Those things are of relative importance to us. If you let yourself get distracted as a player, it can stop you from focusing 100% on the pitch.”

Finally, Campagnaro was asked about the World Cup and the diplomatic incident with the Argentina national team a few months back. He replied: “Everything’s ok now. There were a few problems but it’s in the past and I’m just thinking about playing. Go to Brazil? It would be a dream come true. The coach has always called me up over the last two years and I hope to make the World Cup squad, but first of all I have to do well here at Inter.”