It’s been a year since Zdravko Kuzmanovic put pen to paper with Inter. Sitting in the Inter Channel studio today to film tonight’s episode of InterNOS, he smiled as he looked back at the images of his arrival at the club and reflected on his first 12 months: “It’s like a family here, a great big family. I’ve grown and improved over the course of the year but I’m aware I still have lots of work to do. That’s what I’m doing because I know I’ve got a lot more to give. I’ve had a few injury setbacks but I’m over them now and I’m playing. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year.”

The 26-year-old also spoke about Walter Mazzarri: “He’s very thorough. He demands a high level of intensity and precision from us. He’s an excellent coach. We’ve dropped a few points but I’m sure that if we can play the way Mazzarri wants us to we’ll start turning it on again.”

Chatting to show hosts Nagaja Beccalossi and Roberto Monzani, the former Stuttgart and Fiorentina midfielder went on to discuss the differences between German and Italian football: “There are no easy games in Italy because all the teams are very astute tactically. In Germany, the physical side of the game comes into it more.”

He also joined in the chorus of praise for Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo (“He deserved it”) before expressing his hope that one day the prestigious award will go to the player he considers “number one: Ibrahimovic. He has to win the Ballon d’Or at least once!”

The Serbian midfielder responded to lots of questions sent in by the fans, such as ‘Who are your favourite team-mates?’ He said: “I don’t have any favourites, I get on with everyone. Obviously I tend to chat a bit more with Kovacic and Handanovic as we speak the same language, but I have a good relationship with everyone.”

Kuzmanovic was also quizzed about his favourite position on the pitch: “I just play where the gaffer puts me, no problem there. Anywhere in mdifield is fine by me.” What about in defence? “No, definitely not!” he grinned. “That would be far too risky for the team!”