The former Inter and Genoa player Thiago Motta, now at Paris Saint -Germain, was interviewed by Tuttosport: “Genoa was important, they helped me get back to the big football. Inter is the team where I became a player of world class. I have strong ties to both clubs.”

At Genoa Gasperini, who was your coach first in Rossoblù and then at Inter, is back. Do you understand why he didn’t have any luck at Inter?

“In Genoa he could convey his methods in peace and quiet and the players followed him, while at Inter there were some who didn’t follow him as much. But it was the same with Benitez. I hope that Gasperini gets another chance in a big team.”

Is today’s Inter a big team?

“No, they’re missing the great players from 2010 and the league titles before it. I hope that Inter, with Thohir, can become great again in 2-3 years, but it will take 3 or 4 players of high class. Now there are good players like Palacio, Guarin and Ranocchia.”

How does it affect Inter being without Moratti?

“For me Inter has always been Moratti. But I hope for the fans’ sake that Thohir can succeed as he did.”

Is it difficult to imagine an Inter not playing in Europe?

“At this point, it pays to not be playing in Europe to concentrate on the league and aim to qualify for next year’s Champions League, but it looks difficult as Roma, Napoli and Juventus seem stronger.”