From Indonesia and portal Republika Online new statements from Erick Thohir have been reported and even an anecdote from when Thohir visited Interclub Indonesia for the match against Chievo. A supporter reportedly expressed his surprise at seeing him as president of the team in his heart. Thohir then confided that he was equally surprised himself, “At first, I didn’t real really think I would be president for Inter. During the first weeks of negotiations my intention was to give more help to the club, with a focus on management, certainly not to become a symbol.”

Thohir explained to fans that the primary goal is to consolidate the club’s finances, a process that will be completed in three years , and the president reiterated that the transfer market in January is not the ideal time to buy players “because it’s a too narrow window and covering only half the season.”

Thohir admitted that he didn’t want to break down the fans’ dreams of having players of the highest caliber in the team (an example was made of Messi). However, a prerequisite is that the economy of the club isn’t affected and to explain the importance of the financial well-being of a club the president used as an example Leeds United, who in the 90s depopulated Premier League with the likes of Eric Cantona in the squad but are now navigating in the Championship’s murky waters. “We will not do like them, they fell because they weren’t ready.”